Political Involvement

wefarmtilthconferencePolicy made by our regional, state and federal governments affect how we do our business in the field, whether we like it or not.  Stay up to date on policy issues facing US farmers today, and contact your local representatives to express your views. We have strong voices to contribute to the political process in America.

Hearing from constituents matters. Period, full stop. Lawmakers especially love to hear from the people being affected by policy changes every day. As farmers, ranchers and agriculturalists, we have a unique perspective on all kinds of issues from farm subsidies and health code changes to conservation bills.



Find your elected officials and contact them today! 

Here are some tips on talking to your legislators.

Get involved with federal legislation through the National Young Farmer’s Coalition.

What political issues are on your mind? Tell us!

Check out these other awesome organizations doing political work about food and farming in the Northwest:
Northwest Farm Bill Action Group
Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network
Rural Organizing Project