Practical Support

Are you a young farmer who is feeling overwhelmed by the challenges and set backs of agriculture? It can be easy to feel isolated as a beginning farmer, but lucky for all of us, there are many resources available to young & beginning farmers in Washington State. We have state and national organizations, older farmer mentors, and a supportive group of peers.   We want to help make info & resources available to those who need them, draw on each others’ knowledge and skills to help one another succeed.

We, WAYFC, periodically hosts “in house” skillshare workshops and other support events, as time and organizing energy allows. If you have an idea or want to host an event, let us know!

Other Resources:

The best place to start looking for farm internships, apprenticeships and jobs are Tilth Producers and ATTRA. You can also try Good Food Jobs.

Looking for land? Try Cascade Harvest Coalition’s Farmlink service, matching farmers to pieces of land for sale or lease.

Want some more formal support? Washington has several farm incubators and on-farm farm teaching programs to help people get started in agriculuture. Check out Viva Farms and the Organic Farm School (formerly Greenbank Farm).

Needing some local knowledge, or just want to talk to a real person? Contact your local WSU Agricultural Extension office.

You can also connect with the National Young Farmer’s Coalition, the Greenhorns, and Beginning Here is a great website that maps resources by region.